5 ways to grow your practice with social media

When you’re running a busy practice, there’s nothing worse than having your internet cut out. Am I right?

The other day, my friend Cristina lost her Verizon service and her life came to a screeching halt. She tried the customer service line a dozen times to no avail. All she got was an automated recording. She felt like she didn’t matter to them – she was just one number in a sea of customers. It wouldn’t have been surprising that at that moment she probably looked into viasat plans, or something close to it, so she could change her internet coverage to something potentially better.

In her frustration, she tried reaching out to them on Twitter. She didn’t think it would make much of a difference but figured she might as well try.twitter-1460609_640

After sending a tweet, my friend got a response back almost immediately. Verizon clearly didn’t want her public tweet to go unanswered. They addressed her problem and made her feel heard…all in under 140 characters.

This is just one example of how powerful social media is in our world today. It connects businesses and customers in new and very cool ways.

Of course, it won’t happen in the same way in the medical field due to privacy and such. But social media is still a fantastic way to build relationships with your existing patients and reach a whole network of new ones.

There are five main reasons why social media is SO worth it for your practice. And good news – four of them are free!

  1. Reputation management

People want a personal relationship with their doctor. They’re fearful of getting the “white coat treatment” so they want to know they’re a good personal fit before booking an appointment.

Social media gives a face and a human side to your practice. It gives potential patients a chance to experience what your practice is all about before even stepping foot inside your office.

That’s why it’s important to use social media to share information on who you are and what your practice stands for. Take a snapshot of your practice to show what it looks like. Share photos of your team to show that they’re friendly and fun. Take a photo of your awards ceremony to show how positive your environment is. Spotlight a staff member every month.in-1460602_640

The more comfortable potential patients are with you, the more likely they’ll be to book an appointment with you. Sharing on social media gives people that glimpse into your practice and makes them comfortable.

  1. Make patient communication easier

Hopefully you’re collecting the right information on your new patients so you can easily contact them. Maybe you’re even using text message reminders to improve communication. Social media is another excellent way to communicate with your patients to share important updates, notices, and practice news.

For example, this winter we got a ton of snow in my area of Washington, DC. We had a few snow closures and emergency situations where the doc wasn’t able to make it into the office. Social media gave those providers a way to let all of their patients know when the office was closed for the day.

  1. Increase your exposure

Social media is a form of free marketing. You can drastically increase your online visibility when you use social media platforms like TikTok or Facebook and figure out how to get free tiktok followers (if that’s the platform that you use the most) and increase the reach of your posts. This means that when you have a patient who loves you and constantly likes your posts, you’re going to be at the top of their news feeds. This helps you stay on top of their mind. And when someone asks for a referral, your patients are more likely to think of you.

Having a large number of tik tok followers may even provide you with numerous opportunities to earn money. The brands may contact you directly to promote their product or brand, or through a tiktok influencers agency, which may earn you huge profits. When you have a large number of followers, your content has a chance of reaching a large number of people, making you the best choice for brand promotion.

Each post is also an opportunity for current followers to share your practice with their friends! If someone likes your page or shares your post, it virally spreads your message. So, if you haven’t started a profile yet, maybe it is time. Get the help of a username generator and start your social media strategy now!

  1. Reach new patients with Facebook advertising

Facebook ads are a highly efficient and cost-effective way to reach new patients. We have some practices where they’re spending $5-10 per week on Facebook ads and are getting fantastic results.

Say you’re an OBGYN. You can target females of child-bearing age, within a certain geographical radius, with a certain household income.facebook-1460598_640

You could show these people an ad to generate awareness of your practice. Something that says “We’ve given birth to 5,000 happy babies this year. Will yours be next?” with a picture of a happy baby. That’s exactly the type of ad that would resonate with a woman who has babies on the brain…and exactly the type of content that would get her to click over to your website.

  1. Opportunity to stand out

Out of the 80-90% of practices that are on social media, I’d say only around 30% are using it effectively. So if you do it well, you can make a huge splash!

It adds a competitive edge to the offices that have good social media pages. Our practices that have started using social media well have seen a huge surge when they get serious about it.

We love to ask for and give recommendations on social media. Imagine how much of an impact it will make if a patient refers you to their friend, and that friend can immediately go over to your Facebook page and see happy faces of your staff, helpful articles, and other information about your practice. It makes it easy for them to say “yes” to booking an appointment!

Are you using social media at your practice? If not, what’s holding you back? What capabilities or team members would you need in order to start making social media a priority?

If you want to grow your practice with social media but simply don’t have the bandwidth, let IPS take the reigns. We offer full social media management to help you reach new patients at a very affordable price. Click here to set up a call and learn more.

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