Insurance credentialing and contracting is one of our most frequently requested a la carte services. Often new providers come to us with the fear of the unknowns of navigating the insurance world but the desire to enter networks as a participating provider so they can readily serve the local area patients covered by insurance.

In years past, the world of insurance credentialing was an absolute paperwork nightmare with countless pages of applications requiring numerous attachments. Now that technology has come into play insurance companies have opted to simplify the process – well slightly. Each insurance company still has their own very unique process for credentialing and contracting. In addition, the credentialing process on the insurance side is still extremely manual so we often find that carriers drop the ball and on occasion misplace records. With these added hassles the process of credentialing can be slowed down tremendously and, in turn, equate to a loss in potential patients and revenue for your practice.

At IPS the credentialing process is made easy. We believe the process of credentialing, when done properly, begins with data collection. We gather everything we need from you with the completion of quick, secure online forms. We are able to get the process of credentialing started within a matter of hours. We then provide bi-weekly general updates throughout the process. We actively follow-up on the credentialing and contracting process. We immediately update you as we receive contracts requiring signatures and provide your effective dates as soon as they are received so you can update your scheduling & marketing teams.

After we have completed your credentialing, you have the option of having our credentialing team to maintain your credentialing for a nominal. Our low-cost Re-credentialing Maintenance package includes maintaining your CAQH, submitting any Letters of Intent for Demographic and practice changes and the completion of any re-credentialing.

If you’re interested in learning about our credentialing process click “Get Started” or simply give us a call at 888.477.2272 Option 3