Who is our ideal client?

Passionate healthcare providers looking to strategically position themselves and their practices for heart-centered service to their patients.

What specialties do we currently serve?

We currently provide Medical Billing (Revenue Cycle Management) to the following specialties:

  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Family Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedic
  • Optometry

Don’t see your specialty but love our services. We invite you to connect with us as we are constantly strategizing plans to extend our reach to serve additional specialties.

If you are looking for Practice Management or consulting services, we are able to serve all serve all specialties.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

We provide highly specialized services delivered by a team of experts with a commitment to serve. We care about the success of our providers and customize our services to drive at the heart of their practice mission. We offer service packages that are customized according to the unique needs of each practice.

Are you able to bill using my software?

Sure! We currently remotely serve users of the following practice management software:

  • ACOM Health
  • Autumn8
  • Chirotouch
  • Eclipse
  • Kareo

What if I need medical billing but I do not have a medical billing or practice management software, does IPS have one?

Yes! We have fantastic, web-based practice management software that is able to connect to some of the top Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems currently in the marketplace. Our practice management software is very user friendly and capable of a number of additional perks such as text reminders, patient communication and integrated payments. Want to take a closer look first? Reach out to us for a Demo today.

Is IPS HIPAA compliant?

Yes. From our software to our telecommunications, we strive to be HIPAA compliant in all areas of business. To further our commitment to protect your practice’s sensitive data we require execution of a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) prior to working with all providers.

How will I know how IPS is making a difference in my practice’s revenue cycle management?

IPS will provide you with detailed monthly statistical reports that provide you with a bird’s eye view of your practice’s performance. We also offer Monthly Strategy Meetings and Quarterly Check-in to ensure IPS is driving at each of your practice’s goals.

How long must I commit?

IPS offers a service agreement that can be terminated at any time, with or without, cause by giving a thirty (30) days notice for medical billing or revenue cycle management services.  Our consulting services are performed on an individualized, contract basis.

Who fields questions from my patients?

IPS welcome all patient inquires for accounts managed by IPS. We will provide you with patient inquiry cards and notices directing them to our dedicate Patient Services team via phone or email. Our technology empowers our thoroughly training team to address and resolve patient inquires and process payment requests efficiently. In addition to IPS being readily available to serve your patients, we also provide your in-office staff with the most up to date information so they may address many patient concerns proactively.

Where do my insurance payments go?

IPS does not change the routing of your insurance or patient payments. You will continue to directly receive electronic fund transfers and paper insurance checks.

Do you provide credentialing services?

Absolutely! We have the tools and follow-up methods in place to satisfy your credentialing needs. We offer credentialing service packages a la carte.

What is the upfront investment?

Most of our services require a standard registration fee dependent upon the package selected. The registration fee allow the opportunity for us to fully commit all of our resources to producing results within your first 30 days with IPS.

Can I contact some of your clients?

Absolutely! We strongly recommend you check out our Raving Fans to see the results of our practices. Feel free to requests our reference sheet from our Sales team so that you can contact them directly to get their feedback.

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