Hear From Our Raving Fans

At IPS we have become familiar with the hardships healthcare providers experience in pursuit of their passion; this is why we take the tasks of medical billing, credentialing and consulting for our clients very seriously.

Unlike other medical billing & consulting companies our services are carried out by highly-trained personnel with at least five years of experience in their area of strength. They are always under the guidance of leaders who have had more than 40 years of combined experience in healthcare billing, practice management and revenue cycle management.

No matter what specialty, IPS will be able to take care of your billing and consulting needs.

Our years of catering to the needs of many practitioners in various fields of discipline have brought us many satisfied customers. Hear directly from raving fans:

It is approaching two years since your company began fulfilling our insurance billing and processing needs. And it has been a relief know that it is being handled well and not having that headache in the office. Your insurance verification service in also a big relief and time saver. I also appreciate your dedication in staying on top of the receivables and seeing that we receive prompt payment from insurance companies. Approximately 80% of our major medical insurance receivable are paid under 45 days.

Outside of staying on top of insurance collections, I have found you and your staff are always willing and able to go that extra mile in providing service to your clients. For example, I was very impressed by your assistance in a recent computer (lost data) crisis. After I had spoken to 3 “tech support professionals” with my billing software company and 2 independent computer technicians to no avail, you jumped in to provide assistance, solved the crisis and saved the day.

Thanks for a job well done.

                                                       – Dr. Shandon Thompson, Virginia

Before I started with IPS I was with a billing company that generated much more stress than revenue. After much frustration with this service I was fortunate enough to find IPS. They came in, cleaned up the mess and soon after my collections dramatically increased. Their performance has been nothing short of fantastic ever since they took over my billing. If you are not satisfied with your present biller(s) or billing company, I would strongly recommend you call Integrated Practice Solutions.

                                                      – Dr. Richard Solomon, Virginia

Jasmine and her team are the only people I trust to manage my practice.

                                                      – Dr. Michael Gaitonde, Virginia

We love the ease at which we work with and get in contact with them. We also like knowing that we will never get lost in the shuffle because IPS cares that much.

                                                      – Dr. Gary Blabey, Northern Virginia

We love IPS’ level of professionalism and genuinely like everyone that we’ve spoken with. It is a pleasure to work with them!

                                                      – Chiropractor, Southern Virginia

I love IPS’s quick response especially when benefit problems pose issues for my new patients.

                                                      – Chiropractor –Norfolk, Virginia

I am most satisfied with IPS’s accessibility and excellent collection ratio.

                                                      – Medical Doctor, Kansas

Thanks for all of your hard work! We appreciate you.

                                                      – Dr. John Clayton, Virginia