How to take your staff meetings from ‘meh’ to meaningful

How are your monthly staff meetings going?

If you’re like most of the providers we talk to, your answer is probably somewhere between “chaotic” and “okay-but-not-great.”

The main challenge stems from one thing: lack of preparedness.

Every member of your team is working hard on the day-to-day operations. I get it — you’re a busy office and there’s always more work to be done! But that means that no one has time to zoom back the lens and look at the big picture.

And it also means that no one is preparing for your monthly staff meetings.

Looking ahead is sworkplace-1245776_1280uch an important success strategy and I want to make it easy for you.


Here are five things you (as the provider) can do before your monthly staff meetings to make them run more smoothly and push your practice forward. 

   1. Review financial reports

One day a month — at the close of the month, preferably — have your practice manager or receptionist pull your financial reports. Review the metrics, keeping a high-level perspective. You’re looking for big picture trends, not trying to become an AR analyst!

How does this month compare to others? Are you doing better, worse, or the same as a typical month? How are you pacing on your annual goals? How can you improve or continue to stay on track? Are there any holes in the revenue cycle?

Bring any important findings to the staff meeting to bring the relevant staff members into the conversation.

  1. Check in on current projects

It’s important to check in on your team’s progress on their short- and long-term projects before each staff meeting. This is one of the reasons I recommend using a project management tool — it makes it so easy to see progress at a glance.

Make notes on what’s been done, what still needs to be done, and what else needs to happen to keep your projects on track. Sharing project status updates at your monthly staff meeting helps to keep everyone accountable. It’s easy to forget about following through on tasks, so it’s important to check in every month with your team to keep them motivated.

  1. Plan for marketing

It’s important to talk about where you are with your marketing, what you’re doing that month, and potential new marketing opportunities during staff meetings. So go into your meetings with a rough plan to discuss.

You’ll also want to check in with your team to make sure everything is in place for upcoming marketing activities. We’re in the season now where a lot of practices are marketing outside of the practice, at festivals and fairs. You need to make sure you have all the right products and people to work those weekends.

Yes, marketing is project management in a sense. But you need to make sure you’re not neglecting other marketing opportunities because you’re bogged down on operational stuff. So it gets its own number in this list. 🙂

  1. Audit the front desk

You want to be performing a front desk audit at least once every month. It’s so important to evaluate how the front desk processes are performing.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. You can randomly audit 5-10 charts and make sure everything looks uniform. If things don’t look up to your standard, review this at the staff meeting to explore how you can fix the problem going forward. (If you need help with documentation, check out this blog post on my five-step system to optimize the data capture process.)

  1. Review patient visit numbers

Start with your practice’s historical data to see how many patients you’re averaging on a monthly basis. Also look at how many new patients you typically see per month.

Then compare last month’s performance to those average numbers. Were you above average? Below? About the same?

And do those monthly numbers reflect your marketing efforts? If you’ve gone to a lot of festivals this summer, you’re going to want to see the number of new patients double or triple. Or if you just started using text message reminders to remind patients to reschedule, you’re going to want to see your percentage of returning patients pretty high that month. Take your findings with you to share with your team — either to celebrate successes or strategize why marketing efforts are falling short.

By reviewing these five things before monthly staff meetings, you’ll be able to better lead your team forward. This doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Have your high-level staff pull reports for you so all you have to do is look for the trends. And make sure to schedule time in your monthly calendar to review the findings before your staff meetings

How else do you prepare for your monthly staff meetings? What other areas are important to consider before you meet with your team?

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