Why IPS?

At IPS we consider ourselves partners in your success and are committed to providing you with the absolute best medical billing, credentialing and healthcare consulting services that are guaranteed to return you to the heart of your practice.

We like to share a few of the benefits of working directly with us and implementing our systems:

Increase Your Cash Flow

Rapidly Increase Your Cash Flow

Create an Invaluable Extension of Your Practice

Lower Your Overhead

Make Your Practice More Efficient

Achieve Your Highest Level of Success

The Right-hand Over Your Competitors

Gain Priceless Peace of Mind

Comfort of Personalized Service

Increase Your Internal Referrals

Save You Stress of Paperwork

Prevent Tension of Placing Patients in Collections

Gain Peace of Mind
Time to Nurture Patients

Gain Freedom to Concentrate on Your Patients

Maximize Your Revenue

Save You Money

Save You Time

Time to Nurture Patient-Staff Relationships